CEO Profile (EN)

CEO Profile


Food science senior scientist. Creative ingredients designer. PhD.

A scientifical professional with developed organizational agility to successfully lead big scale projects (multi-millions dollars/year)

During her scientific career, she has:

  • Investigated altitude’s effect on wine aroma properties (to obtain her PhD in Food Science - A Brazilian/France collaborative project).
  • Studied advanced sensory analysis and wine chemistry (Post-doctorates at Bordeaux University).
  • Discoverered, for the first time, the organoleptic impact of Ethyl leucate molecule in red wines highlighting the “fresh blackberry” note of Bordeaux wines.
  • Been deeply involved with specialized agronomy programs, food chemistry, plant biochemistry, advanced sensory analysis and advanced analytical chemistry (during her thesis and post-doctorates).
  • Published more than 30 scientific papers (Scientific articles and Patents).
  • Handled R&D Nutrition and Health Design (for six years in an International company). Working directly with hundreds of botanicals and putting more than 300 specialty ingredients for nutrition and health on worldwide market.


Leila has applied design thinking approaches in all her career, always with the objective of finding creative solutions to solve problems as quickly as possible.

"I choose often the simple over the complex, paying attention in the appropriateness of this. My Favorite phrase is: “Fail fast to innovate faster(Daniel Newman)."