Natural ingredients Clean Label

A genuine responsive way to design
natural premium and sustainable ingredients.

Inaturals is a consultancy, research and customized prototyping company for natural clean label ingredients of cosmetics and wellbeing markets, who redefines innovation through the ingredient design.

We rely on design thinking as well as traditional qualitative and quantitative approaches to build a sustainable and innovative ingredient, with people in the center of the business.

Leila FALCAO, Food Science PhD, Inaturals CEO / Founder.

Our purpose

“Accelerate innovation of clean label ingredients for cosmetic and wellbeing applications through a cross-functional integration of marketing, research and industry.”

Our mission

“Reduce the ecological footprint of cosmetic and well-being products.”


Inaturals offers a process and attitude that binds creative problem solving for your new ingredient by focusing on the collaborating across disciplines: we integrate marketing study inside R&D and R&D expertise inside the marketing study before ingredient conception. Also we put your industrial capability in the equation, before concretize a final strategy.

We work on a mutually exclusive basis, with respect of confidentiality, to develop a concept, efficacy programs and strategize an initial production considering the capabilities of your organization.

Inaturals process

Inaturals take care of sustainability in the moment of your ingredient conception (as per step 3). We apply a systemic approach considering the environmental and social impacts of your natural ingredient, as well as, the opportunities in terms of reducing the footprint of the final products in which they will be used.


To move away from the statu quo and increase your new products success rate!

Ingredient conception is a critical step and has a pivotal role, maximizing the value of your ingredient in executing strategies as :

  • Ingredient Price
  • Ingredient Marketing
  • Sustainabilty Program
  • Clinical Research Programs
  • Health Claims
  • Enhanced Nutrition

Inaturals offers a competitive edge due to its ability to answer their needs faster and smarter, as never before.



A genuine approach inside your organization! We work in your team shoes to obtain your future innovative ingredient!


  • Consultancy
  • Design, study and custom prototyping of natural Clean Label ingredients (PUSH requests)
  • Open R&D: Study, design, prototyping and industrial feasibility of your future premium natural ingredient

FOR SMBs and Start-UPs

A creative solution fully external to your organization! We work independently with our partners to answer your needs!


  • Botanical Authenticity and Naturality (plants and extracts)
  • Regulatory Analysis
  • Prototyping of Extracts (PULL requests)


When and how do we start working together?

Fill in our contact form to briefly present your project and your expectations. Before discussing in detail on your request, we propose that you sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), based on your template or our freely downloadable one here.

We will contact you within 48 hours to schedule a conference call to discuss further. After that, we’ll draw up a first proposal with timetable and budget. We start work as soon as the proposal is accepted.

How much does it cost to design an innovative ingredient?

The total cost will depend on the chosen offer, the complexity and timing of the project, as well as the parameters and the complete list of services provided by INaturals. Our proposals require only a fifty percent (50%) down payment and the balance upon completion.


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